Heat Transfer Equipment has been in business for over four decades. We have experience with many different boiler manufacturers and various heating products. Some of these products are no longer made, however; hundreds of installations from the past are still in service and operational.

We are gratified to say that we have been able to provide information and advice for past and present applications. We provide this service eagerly and with pleasure – and with the feeling that we are making a small contribution to our customers and our industry.

We know that this knowledge is paramount when making an important decision concerning existing equipment. Understanding the equipment you have will help you make these essential decisions.

We strive to provide our customers with as much information on the equipment we represent, along with useful resources for selecting the right equipment for your commercial needs. Our Sales Team are highly knowledgeable about all of our products and are happy to answer any questions. We even offer demonstrations on how to utilize online configurators and sizing softwares to ultimately save you time while selecting the equipment you need to fit your application.

Heat Transfer Equipment now has a full-growing warehouse, stocked with tiny parts to big tanks and boilers. In our warehouse, we build custom pumps and skid packages from the equipment we offer. We have acquired a paint booth, a lathe, and other helpful equipment to assure the products that leave our warehouse are the highest quality and done to our standards. Our warehouse technicians are highly skilled and can provide technical advice or guidance, as well as factory certified start-ups.


Please refer to our products page to see a list of the current manufacturers we represent.