Heat Transfer Equipment Co. provides complete skid packaged systems for all your hot water, steam, domestic water and process water needs. We can provide you with UA/Union Labeled, UL or ETL listed packaged systems.


Raypak Boilers
Copper Finned Tube Boilers and Domestic Water Heaters, High Efficiency and Condensing Style Boilers, Tanks, and Control Systems
Burnham Commercial
Burnham Commercial offers a full line of scotch, firebox, and cast iron boilers ranging from light commercial to industrial sizes and is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-quality boilers and control systems for commercial and industrial applications
Lattner Boilers
Vertical Tubeless Steam, Horizontal Firetube Steam and Water, and Electric Boilers

Vertical Split Case, Horizontal Split Case, Vertical Inline, Vertical Split Coupled Inline, End Suction Flex Coupled and Closed Coupled, Booster, Triple Duty Valves, Suction Diffusers, Expansion Tanks, Air Separators, Air Dirt Separators, and a complete line of Hydronic Accessories

UL Listed, Booster Systems, Custom Process, Steam, Hot Water, and Domestic Water Skid Packages
Skidmore Pumps
Return Pumps, Boiler Feed, and Vacuum Pump Systems
Submersible, Sump, Self-Priming and Grinding Pumps for Commercial and Industrial

Baldor Motors and Drives

1 HP thru 200 HP Variable Speed Drives with Matching HVAC Motors
Complete line of High Performance Manual and Automatic Balancing Valves and Hydronic Coil Hookup Kits
Miljoco Corporation
Contractor and Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges, Bimetal an Spirit Filled Industrial Thermometers, Needle and Ball Valves, Coil Syphons, Pressure Snubbers and Wells
Twin City Hose, Inc.
Stainless Steel and Bronze Pump Connectors, Seismic “V” Connectors, Rubber Expansion Joints, Reducing Metal Hose with Custom Fittings
Type “B” Vent, Category 1, AL29-4C Stainless Steel Vent, Category IV Flue Material, Pressure Vent
Balancing Valves, Orifices, Venturis, and Flow Meters
Southgate Engineering, Inc.
ASME Storage Tanks, Packaged Hot Water Generators, Custom Tanks and Linings, Air Receivers, Insulation and Jacketing
Y-Strainers, Basket Strainers, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Foot Valves and Pipeline Accessories

Ammark Corporation

Thermostatic Flow Control Valves, Hydronic Heating, and Plumbing Specialties


Variable Speed AC Motor Drives
Polypropylene Flue Material
ECO VIE Environmental
Rainwater Harvesting/Collection Systems, Graywater Recycling, Ground & Underground Rainwater Tanks, Water Treatment and Controls. (Complete Assembled Units)
Heat Transfer Equipment Company provides complete skid packaged systems for all your hot water, steam, domestic water, and process water needs. We can provide you with Union Labeled, UL or ETL listed packaged systems.