Andrew Chiari Founder
Lance Amato President/CEO

Below are photos of Htec’s newest builds and capabilities!  


Simplex Booster Pump

HTE Skid3

Hydronic Skid Package


We are currently located at 385 Oyster Point Blvd. #7, So. San Francisco. We have grown into a significant organization with the following capabilities:

  • 150 years of aggregate staff experience in hot water, plumbing, steam application, and air conditioning.
  • A variety of high efficiency/condensing boilers and water heaters from which to choose.
  • Considerable knowledge of and experience in combustion equipment, gas-oil fired burners and boilers of various designs, including water tube, scotch marine, fire box, cast iron, finned copper tube, and HVAC design.
  • Application engineering expertise (by phone any time, or in person).
  • Equipment sizing and selection service.
  • Design calculations for plate and frame shell & tube heat exchangers.
  • All computer programs and engineering programs from our manufacturers can be accessed via our Products page.
  • Engineering seminars, jobsite visits, equipment startup and personnel training, system analysis and trouble shooting.
  • Skid Package Design Available; Boiler package, Pump Package, and Steam Packages.
  • Custom built pumps.